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Is it easier to purchase from a sellers website or eBay shop?

Most of the items I sell are personalised, having had a shop on eBay for a number of years now I really am tired of trying to explain to them that their current system for buying and selling personalised items needs a serious update.

I am always receiving messages from customers stating that when they click ‘buy it now’ to purchase a personalised item they expect to be linked to a page or text boxes where they can leave their requirements. The only link they have, if they can find it, and the majority of them can’t, is this

eBay message for buyer

As a seller I then have to try to contact the buyer, who does not respond to emails, the phone number listed on eBay is out of order and many a time I have had to physically write and post a letter to them – all for a £3.25 order!

eBay argue that I can use the variations listings which is brilliant if you are selling a shirt in 3 colours and 3 sizes but when you are selling ribbon and you have 20 colours and 15 foil choices for the lettering, you then have hundreds of variations listed and who is going to sit and look through those? It looks unsightly and confusing. A simple drop down menu would easily suffice!

For personalised gifts that require the uploading of photographs, eBay have the messaging service! This compresses photographs to 72dpi thumbnail size which are no use whatsoever. They cannot be expanded as they are too pixilated. Again a simple upload arrow could be inserted with a text box for additional text to be added to the item or a message for the seller.

Only yesterday a customer realised that they had not ordered enough ribbon and send me a photograph so I can replicate their original order (as all my orders are individual bespoke pieces) but I cannot see the photograph as it is too small I had to guess from memory!

All relevant function buttons and links are available on websites so why not eBay We are paying for 100% service and only receiving 50%. I have written to eBay in the past who think my ideas are good and they are ‘looking into it’ this was 18 months ago!

Is there anyone out there who agrees with me or am I missing some vital information as a seller!

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