Hanalei Animal Sanctuary

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Situated in Northern Italy Halalei Animal Sanctuary cares for animals who have been abandoned or abused by their previous owners.
Currently housing over 80 animals ranging from cats, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, goats, geese, ducks and even wild boar piglets the sanctuary welcomes any financial resources to offer these animals clean and warm housing, nourishing food and veterinarian attention when necessary.  Without the sanctuary's care and attention these animals either starve to death, continue to live in a cruel and abusive environment, be slaughtered or put to sleep.

To help raise funds for the sanctuary we have designed a logo and are able to print this image onto various items of clothing which will cater for all ages.  
Please note we are the 'Official' and 'Only' Suppliers to the Sanctuary
A minimum of 30% from the sale of each item will go directly to the charity.

To learn more about the animals rescued and cared for by the sanctuary please visit

where you will also find 2 books for sale written by the Co-Founder, Gary Glading,  
Stars, Staterooms and Stowaways
anecdotes from Gary's colourful career in cruising
Always Room For One More
relating to stories of the many animals that have found a loving home at this mountain refuge.

All Royalties from the sale of these books are also given to the Charity and are available from Catherine Beattie at